Chocolate cornflake cakes || Try recipes in home

 Chocolate cornflake cakes


  • 50g spread
  • 100g milk or dull chocolate, broken into lumps
  • 3 tbsp brilliant syrup
  • 100g cornflakes

Tip 🔔

Before you begin tying back any lengthy hair, put on your covers and clean up. Ensure your kid is steady where they are cooking and alright with the point they are cooking at. As you cook make sense of what the various fixings are and where they come from.


Kids: Weigh out the fixings. More established youngsters can do this without anyone else with oversight and little ones can assist with emptying or spoon fixings into the weighing scales. Put the margarine, chocolate, and brilliant syrup in a pan or microwavable bowl. Put the cornflakes in another enormous bowl.

Adults: Liquefy the spread, chocolate, and brilliant syrup in the pot over low intensity or momentarily in the microwave. Permit cooling somewhat prior to pouring over the cornflakes.
Kids: Mix the fixings together delicately utilizing a wooden spoon. Spoon the blend into 12 cupcake cases organized on a biscuit plate (or baking sheet, on the off chance that you don't have one). Adults should do this for more youthful youngsters or just orchestrate it on a plate and let the wreck occur. Put in the cooler to set.

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